Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bath Time

Mommy didn't get to spend too much time with her Owl today.  He got to play for a little bit at home and then he was off with his Grandma for the Zoo.  He had a good time- he told Mommy all about the monkeys he got to see.  Lucky boy.

In the evening he rested, took a really nice warm bath, helped Mommy with some things and listened to an interesting chapter about "Indians" in our Little House book.  Sweet dreams...

Playing on the counter top- he thinks it
is a fun game to play to avoid
getting in the bath tub.  He is such a joker.
At least he likes taking baths now.

 Playing with his boat and singing in the bathtub. 
After his bath he was avoiding getting dressed and
getting ready for bed.  He pulled out a bunch of artwork
from a pile that Mommy is working on and explained
each piece to her.  (He is good at stalling, Mommy is
good at waiting.)  He finally got dressed-- little man.

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