Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lots of Treasures...

We had a fun Saturday together.  Oliver slept in really late, so Mommy kind of worked on some things.  Once he woke up we hung out for a bit then headed over to Grammie's house.  Oliver had fun with Grammie while Mommy took a little Y break.  

After we headed over to the Patti's Hallmark shop that Mommy used to work at during high school and college.  We browsed through all the stuff they had--the discounts are only 20 to 30 percent--but Mommy got lucky!  Patti's daughter was there and she gave Mommy 50% off.  (Mommy guesses timing is everything...)  She had fun talking with her friend and picking out some treasures for Oliver and our daycare.  

Right after that we went and checked out a playhouse for our backyard.  We got super lucky again!  We found the perfect used playhouse on craigslist.  (Craigslist is awesome.)  The lady still had it, it is in good condition and it was a good price.  So excited!  We will go back to pick it up in the morning.  Here is a link to our playhouse.

This made Mommy a little sad.
Oliver picked up this Maxine card.  Grammie has
Maxine hanging out in different places around her house.  So
Oliver recognized her.  Cute.
 Mommy's favorite section has always been the stationary section.
 He loves the dancing/singing animals that they have 
for every Holiday.
 We got some coloring books.
 We got this fun Pirate puzzle.  (Hmmm...pirates.)
Our friends will be excited to play with some new food!

Mommy wanted some kind of "keepsake" from her Hallmark store.
She wasn't sure what, but on her way out she saw all the 
baskets stacked by the door.  The basket is now her keepsake.
The kids will have fun with it!
Of course we went up to the coffee shop.

He was looking at all the goodies making
little hmm...hmm sounds.

After finding all of our treasures we worked for 
a while in the backyard.  This is right after Oliver
had an accident standing on the compost bin.  Mommy
thinks he learned his lesson...

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