Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Donut Wednesday

Another Donut Wednesday!  We had fun choosing Oliver's donut and sitting at the tables together.  Oliver had a great day at preschool.  He said his favorite part was playing outside.  We came home and he played some more!  Donut Wednesday is fun! 

Checking out the donuts on a beautiful sunny morning.
Green donuts- Yum!
Chocolate donuts with green sprinkles.
Oliver picked out this zebra donut.  It wasn't as
good as the other ones he picks out.  Its good
to try new things though!
Smiling with his donut.
Excited to be waiting at the pole!
Mommy thought this recipe looked yummy... she made them tonight.  She can't wait to cut them (and
eat them up!)  She is going to take half of them to share with
Grammie.  Grammie will love that!  

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