Sunday, March 20, 2011

Outside and Friends

We started our Sunday being lazy and goofy.  We were going to go to Grammies but had a sudden change of plans when one of our daycare families needed help for a few hours.  We were happy to watch them- Oliver loved playing with the four year old girl and Mommy had fun wearing and cuddling  the 3 month old baby girl.  

We went outside for just a bit--Oliver worked on his "house," while Mommy and our friend started working on a patch of dirt near our garden beds.  We had fun and Mommy is happy that she is recruiting little workers that are enthusiastic about working in our backyard!  

In the late afternoon we went to Grammies.  Oliver had fun playing with her, while Mommy took a Y break.  Oliver is resting peacefully now after a long fun Sunday.

 Oliver is so serious when he is in our yard.
He is always on a mission.
 Mommy's new notebook.  She plans on using it as her
gardening journal (she likes to write interesting/weird notes
 about things she finds and thinks about.) She likes the "Sasquatch 
Sighting"box at the bottom, it reminds her of a visit she made to 
the Bigfoot Museum in Humboldt when she was on a
T.O.O.T.H. "road trip."  Fun Stuff!
 Our plans for this patch is to hopefully grow
some pumpkins.  That is our pumpkin from Halloween
rotting away, hopefully some of the seeds will work
their way into the ground.  A few animals have 
been enjoying them.
More Pumpkin Seeds.  
 Oliver playing and jumping in the crib.  Mommy and
our friend were talking to the crib asking it if it was okay.  
Oliver was being pretty rough, the crib said, "no, it wasn't okay." 
 Oliver didn't care.  Poor crib.  
Oliver eating a snack with our friend at the table.
He always sits at the table when we have friends over.

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