Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Oliver was awesome this morning, Mommy wasn't feeling very good...she caught a yucky bug from one of our daycare babies.  Ugh.  Oliver chose his own breakfast, watched some cartoons, and sharpened pencils...until Mommy felt kind of good enough to take him to preschool.  Ugh, again.

Oliver had fun at preschool, he didn't want to wear green today--but he made a cute headband that he wore when Mommy picked him up.  She wore her headband to surprise him.  We stopped by Yogurtland to get some frozen yogurt...hoping it would make Mommy and Oliver feel a little better.  It did a little, Mommy definitely had a 24 hour bug and she is so lucky that her little man was so understanding and caring.  We came home to rest and relax and Oliver worked on Mommy's axles.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

 Our St. Patrick's Day Sign
 The kiddos decorated this window.
Our tree and shamrock nook.
 Rainbow, gold and shamrocks in Oliver's hallway.
 Oliver's Shamrock.
 Cuteness on the playground.
 Mommy and Oliver.
Cuteness in his headband.

Talking about seeing a Leprechaun on the way
to Yogurtland.  He said he hadn't seen one yet...
(Maybe soon...)  He has such a great imagination.

 Deciding what he wants...he got plain tart.
Working on Mommy's axles.  He said they were 
warm (which is weird because Mommy is cold.)

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