Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Donut Wednesday and Dr. Seuss's Birthday

We had a really nice donut Wednesday.  Today is also Dr. Seuss's Birthday.  Oliver brought Yertle the Turtle and the book to school today and Mommy wore our Cat in the Hat hat.  The preschoolers loved it!  Oliver loved sharing his Dr. Seuss goodies with his friends!  Dr. Seuss is fun!  
 Yertle (Mommy likes turtles.)
 Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs...
 Mommy and Oliver ready for some fun!
He liked the pink donuts today.
 These always look good to Mommy, but she wouldn't
be able to eat very much of it by herself.  (She would 
rather share it with someone.)
Our donut hole.
 Eating with Yertle.
 Waiting for Mommy with Yertle.
 Mommy didn't have green eggs today, but she
had yummy green wheatgrass.  
Dr. Seuss art- Oliver made today.  Cute.

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