Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Book Journal

We finished our first book in the Little House series, by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  We have started reading the next book.  The second in the series is Little House on the Prairie.  We just finished reading chapter three.  Oliver was fascinated with how the family was reunited with their dog Jack, who was lost at a creek crossing.  The family is moving from the Big Woods to the Prairie.  We are enjoying our second chapter book together.

Mommy decided to start a book journal to record the many chapter books that Oliver and her will hopefully read together.  Mommy has a journal she started when she was 16, where she lists each book she has read.  The first book that is listed in Mommy's journal is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.   It is cool our first books are written by two great women!  Perfect way to start our journals.   

Oliver's book journal- it started as a journal Mommy
kept for Oliver when he was a baby, then she started blogging
instead.  Glad we could find a good use for this nice journal.
Mommy's pretty book journal.  (Beautiful sunset.)
Oliver's reaction to Mommy's explanation about
his new journal and how we are going to use it.  
After this he took off running around in circles.  Silly.
Our new book.
Mommy wants to make little covered wagons.
Oliver wrapped in our space quilt.  He is covering
up his cheek.  He fell pretty hard in the bathtub when
he was getting in tonight and has a big bruise on his cheek.
He hurt his side too.  Sigh.  (Poor babe.)

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