Saturday, March 19, 2011

Party and Claw Machines

We had a fun day together.  Oliver had fun learning about basketball with Grammie this morning.  Grammie is going to teach him all about sports...lucky Oliver!  We came home for a bit and got ready to go to our daycare friend's birthday party at the bowling alley.  We had a ton of fun there!  And more fun afterwards at Pat and Oscar's waiting for some yums and playing with their machines.  

We came home and had even more fun in our backyard and then wound down with a nice bath and story time.  We had a great Saturday.

Oliver working on our friend's Birthday card.
Bowling!  Fun!
He loved bowling!  He got out in the lanes and
bowled and danced his little heart out!
Pretty bowling balls.
It was a fun afternoon party...but we got to bowl in
the dark with all the neat lights!  Fun!

Our friend is really into Star Wars!  
We tried this claw machine but nothing was positioned
very well.  We still tried a couple times though.
We tried this one too.  We didn't win.
Oliver working on getting his prize.  It took a while,
but he finally got a piece of candy.  Everyone is a
winner with this claw machine!
Pretty balloons tied to a bowling pin.  The
birthday boy gets to take the pin home, and we all
signed it.  Neat idea!
Star Wars balloon.  Fun stuff.
Birthday boy in black!  He was so hyper!
Blowing out his candles.  He had fun playing with the figurines.
Oliver's blue cupcake.
Yum, yum.  He loves cake so much.
Claw Machine at Pat and Oscar's.  We thought the blue animal could be
picked up by its "bottom," thats the word that Mommy uses
with Oliver and our friends...  (Kind of random- but its a nice
way to say something, but gets kind of old when its repeated
too often...)  We couldn't pick it up though, we
 didn't have enough quarters left.  
Learning how to put quarters in the sticker machine.
Learning how to retrieve his sticker.  
Oliver's Sponge Bob sticker.  Mommy talked him into
keeping it and starting a sticker collection.
Checking out his birthday loot at home.

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