Sunday, March 13, 2011


Mommy ran the Inaugural Safari Park 1/2 Marathon this morning.  Most of it was run on country roads- which reminded Mommy of running on the Cascade trail in Sedro-Woolley in Washington.  Mommy liked seeing all the horses and hearing the cows mooing this morning.  But the parts that were run in the Safari Park were pretty cool!  She could see some Rhinos and had fun running through foggy portions of the park.  Mommy can't wait to give her medal and shirt to Oliver, they are waiting for him on his pillow.  Mommy gives all of her medals to little man.  
The best technical t-shirt yet (those techs are so nice)
 and medal, another one to add to his
collection- Oliver will love both of them! 
Oliver's medal box- We made this one day at the library
Oliver's medals
Mommy wrote about this book a while ago...

Here is a circle story in the book
 that one of the author's wrote, inspired by
one of Laura Numeroff's books.  Click on it to enlarge it and read it
if you like, it's pretty cool.  (Our circle stories stuff.)

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