Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Donut Wednesday

Donut Wednesday!  Oliver had a nice day at preschool.  He had fun playing in the backyard and around our home in the evening.  He took a super great bath and is sleeping peacefully.  Love that little man.

Donut Shopping

 Oliver's Donut
 Mommy's Donut
 Eating his donut.  He has a Star Wars
tattoo on his hand.  
 Wheatgrass Wednesday.  (Mommy loves that
it can protect you.)  But she guesses not from 
the wretched flu bug.  So glad that is over.
 Cuteness in the bath tub giving Mommy an egg.
He made this for Mommy.  Mommy has been 
wanting to learn tennis for awhile.  (Or just go out on
 the court and have fun passing the tennis ball
 back and forth, it seems like fun.)

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