Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Oliver had a good day at school!  He told Mommy that Mrs. Borecky showed his class funny pictures of cats on the computer!  Mommy loves when he tells her stories about things he likes at school other than recess!

We came home to play for a bit and then go swimming!

Oliver made a wish with the dandelion.
  The toddlers trampled
over it this afternoon, but it was still
good for making wishes!

Thinking about his wish.

Making his wish!

Mommy made a wish that Oliver
continues his growth with his sight words!
He has been passing at least two lists a week!
(Mommy likes the words on this list.  She just
made a wish.)

Happy Tuesday!  We are off for a nice swim!  

News Flash:

Oliver swam along the wall tonight without 
holding on!  He didn't even realize he was
doing it, until Mommy excitedly pointed it out!
We were so, so, so excited!  
He is giving everyone a proud wave!

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