Saturday, March 2, 2013

Silly Saturday

We had a Silly Saturday! Mommy had a race in the morning and when she came back to Grammie's, Mommy gave Oliver some sunglasses she got at the finish line!  Oliver loved them!  

The rest of our day was filled with silly sometimes tiring things, but we had a great Saturday!  



He played with his kite that he chose at the Tree Store!

We had to take a break because he stepped on 
some wood chips that gave him tiny splinters.
Mommy had to take them all out with a tweezer!

Then he was back at it with his shark kite!

It got stuck here.
(Kind of a sweet picture.)

Oliver painted with some paint he got at the
Tree Store.

He spilled some on Grammie's concrete.
(Paint, paint, paint, everywhere.)

This is silliness from last night:
Mommy went to get napkins at Rubio's and when she came
back to the table Oliver was aiming the camera at a pretty
teenage girl at the table next to us.  Mommy was so embarrassed!
Mommy and the girl laughed and Mommy apologized to her.
But, he probably learned the picture taking thing from Mommy.  Oops.

Happy Saturday!

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