Thursday, March 21, 2013


Oliver got his little black lab puppy yesterday!  He came for about an hour today while his Daddy went to an appointment. Mommy got to meet cute little Cooper!  She knows he will be back for more visits when Oliver's Daddy goes out of town.  

Here are some fun pictures of Oliver's first dog:


Mommy only let him in the backyard.  He had
to stay in the fenced in area.
(Mommy wants him to be a good boy.)

The daycare toddlers were supposed to be napping 
at this time.  This little visit from their favorite big
kid and and a new puppy put a little hiccup in our day!

Oh well!  They loved it!

Mommy had to go in to take care of the newborn
while the toddlers napped.  Oliver's puppy
napped too!

He was still napping when Mommy came to check
on them.  

Still napping!  Sweet Cooper!

Mommy is glad that Oliver finally has his puppy!  He has been very excited!  

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