Sunday, March 3, 2013

Squeezing Sunday

We spent our Sunday trying to squeeze a bunch of errands, fun, and chores into our day.  We had a nice day together!

High School Fun:

The gate is closed a little tighter with the chain.

We were able to squeeze through though!

Checking out the hurdles!

We squeezed in one lap around the track!

We played tennis, Oliver gave up pretty fast.

But Mommy played against the wall, while Oliver
had fun exploring the next court!

Mommy squeezed our tennis ball into 
the pocket of our racket cover.  Mommy
found this old flyer in the pocket!
(Mommy still wants to learn to play or
just find a fun partner to hit the ball 
back and forth with, its good exercise!)

Squeezing through!  It was a little tricky for Mommy!

 Post Office:
We squeezed in a chore!

Oliver is a good helper at the post office!


We had some returns and pickups at the
library to squeeze into our busy day!
This is a new deposit box at the library.
Pretty cool!

Oliver thought it was interesting!

Bookshelf squeezing a little person's head.

Someone squeezed eyeballs onto the
scanner!  Oliver eyeballed it and told Mommy!

 Milk Walk:
After more errands, chores at home, and a 3:00
visit from a prospective daycare family, we 
were able to go for our milk walk with our
new neighborhood friends!  James and his mom,
Ashley!  Fun!

We introduced them to Kung Fu Panda.

And Trader Joe's!  

(Mommy is ready for some inner peace.)
But she is glad the Inner Peas have been squeezed
back onto the shelf!

Tired boys!  
(Guess who is tired behind the stroller?)  

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