Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Donut Wednesday

Yippie!  Donut Wednesday! We had a nice time at the donut shop this morning together!  

Happy Wednesday!


St. Patrick's Day Donuts!


Oliver's Donut.

Mommy's Donut Hole.

Mommy's Coffee.
(Dark and yum.)


Oliver took this picture.  
(Maybe its some kind of sign?)

 We had another fun part to our morning:
Mommy is borrowing Grandpa's Mustang while
her car is getting a tune-up.  (Mommy frets about
her car, she can't help it.)  Grandpa's car
is kind of fast.

Oliver told Mommy to drive fast!
Here was his reaction to the sound
of the engine and the acceleration!  

Just kidding Grandpa!!!
Oliver loves the Mustang!

Happy Wednesday!

Oliver is off with his Daddy after school.  Mommy will see her little car lover on Friday afternoon for another together weekend!

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