Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sleepy Sunday

We had a nice Sunday!  Oliver played with Grammie and Grandpa in the morning while Mommy went for a Y/Run break.  Oliver and Grammie read the Sleep Book that Grammie gave Oliver for Easter!  

We had a super satisfying busy rest of the day!
(Grammie said it was kind of hard to read!)
Dr. Seuss is kind of like that!

We went for a nice swim to relax
our bodies and get some nice
together-exercise time!

Mommy was slow with the camera at
swim time today!

Beautiful Day!

 YMCA Skate Park:
Mommy has been intrigued by the skate park
the past couple of weeks.  She has noticed that
there were tractors and the big ramp was gone
from across the parking lot.  So we checked
out what was going on there today.
(Mommy thought a friend might be interested
in seeing the new construction too!)

Here are a bunch of pictures...

Oliver rode his scooter to check it out!

Where the big huge ramp used to be.

Oliver wants to take a class.
Mommy is going to get him wheels and
stuff for the skate deck that Aunt Jess gave him!

More Information on what is going on!
The past 3 years the Encinitas Y has
remodeled or improved just about
every area of its facility. 
 It is pretty awesome!

Some areas are still open to skateboarders!

Super neat bench!

Two little kids were sliding down the ramp on
their bums!  It looked like fun!  Mommy will
have to see how Oliver likes a skateboard
before she starts taking him here!
We love the Y!

 Elfin Forest:
These pictures are for Grammie.  We were talking 
about the coyotes Oliver and Mommy saw yesterday
in Elfin Forest that were near the new construction
of the 700 or so homes they are going to build at
the entrance to Elfin Forest closest to Escondido.

A lot of homes are for sale around there
 and Mommy wonders why?!?  Mommy
thinks a lot.  

But our drive through Elfin Forest sure is going to

Here are some pictures of the progress so far.

Just lots of earth moving.  We liked the chicken
farm and old houses better.


Oliver played with our neighbors Mattias and Magnus
when we got home.  They played at their house
and then our home!  They had fun!  The boys
thought that Mommy's mat was for breakdancing!  

They had fun everywhere at our home!  
Thankfully they didn't make a big huge mess.
(Kid messes are making Mommy really, really tired.)

Happy Sunday!!!

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