Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!  Mommy picked up Oliver at 3:30 today and we came home to play!

First he checked out what the Easter Bunny brought!

The Easter Bunny hid some eggs in our
backyard for him!

He ate some chocolate from his basket
right away!

Then he read this note with help from 

And he made his way outside!


There were a bunch in the tree!

The sunflowers were really pretty today!

He was so excited the Easter Bunny came
to our home!

Later he played for a bit in the backyard with 
Magnus and Mattias.  Magnus, the red head said
they were playing "Ice Truckers."
(Mommy read about that show a long time ago!  Spooky.)
Silly boys!

They also discovered this bone that Mommy 
found the other day.  They all thought it was
a dinosaur bone!

Happy Easter!!!

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