Friday, March 1, 2013

Tree Store

Oliver had a good day at school.  He was excited when Mommy picked him up a little early and brought two toddlers with her!  We played and read some library books at home and then made our way over to Grammie's house.  First we took a field trip to Rubios for dinner and then to the Dollar Tree.  

Oliver earns tickets for doing school like activities with Mommy.  Twenty tickets equals one item at the "Tree Store."  Mommy knows its kind of like bribing, but Oliver is making a lot of progress with his reading and math, so oh well for now!  We enjoy looking at all the neat, useful, sometimes weird things at the store.

Mommy had a problem to solve tonight!  She didn't bring her camera wire thingy to transfer the pictures onto the computer, so she is using some pictures from a couple of weeks ago.  (She likes little challenges.)

His favorite aisle!

Fairy wings!

He ordered a balloon!

4th of July Birthday kid!  

(Goodnight and sweet dreams.)

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