Friday, March 8, 2013

Early Pick Up

Mommy was able to pick up Oliver early from the Y program at school and then spend the rest of the day with him, because her daycare babies left early!  (Mommy kind of needed a break!)  Mommy is glad she got to spend extra time with Oliver because he had a difficult transition today.  Poor baby.  We  had a bunch of things to do:
Pick-Up Time:
Oliver got to choose a prize.

Choosing his prize!

Another Pick-Up:
We sped over real fast to Grammie's so she could
help us pick up our Adventure Subaru.

Just kidding Grandpa, Mommy drives
pretty slow.  She is glad she got
to drive stick shift though!  (She kind of misses it.)
We took good care of the Mustang, the 
only thing Mommy did was reset all
the radio stations for Grandpa.  Now he
can listen to some good music!

Before we picked up the Subaru, we
picked up someone else pretty cute.

We played with her too!  

Trying to get her to peak under the table!

Oliver helped Claire!

We took her for a little walk after we picked up the car!
The trash truck was a big hit!

So was Claire's cowlick!

Wal-Mart Pick-Up 

We had to pick up some things at Wal-Mart in
Encinitas.  This may be the only Wal-Mart
Mommy has the energy to go into.  It is small,
never crowded, and you can usually park up front!

After we were done in the store we
tried to pick up a new friend!

Success!  Its a Cupcake Frog!

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