Monday, March 18, 2013

Hill Walk

Oliver had a good day at school!  Mommy promised him in the morning that we would go for a hill walk when we got home!  So Oliver grabbed his scooter, Mommy grabbed the rescue stroller and we were off!

We walk along Upas St. and then up 
the three hills!

We didn't quite make it to the end of 
Upas, when we were offered a snake,
by a man that Mommy has talked to 
before on her walks with the toddlers.

A gardener snake!

Oliver was excited!  He will be taking it
to his Daddy's house!

We listened to how the man caught it in his neighbor's
yard who is really scared of snakes!

Our hill walk turned into a snake walk!

We did go up one hill though!

Oliver loved going down the hill!
Mommy not so much.

We liked the kitty cat at the bottom!

Mommy always likes this bumper sticker at
the bottom of the same hill.  (Hmmm.)

Happy Monday!
(Sweet dreams!)

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