Monday, March 4, 2013


Oliver had a good day at school!  Afterwards we stopped at the Reptile Store to get some worms for his centipede.  We had fun looking at all the reptiles!


This guy was making Mommy laugh!

So serious!

He made Oliver laugh too!

Oliver wants this sign since he has
a scorpion at his Daddy's house now.

Looking at Beta fish.

(Whats wrong with the turtle?  Mommy loves it.)

The worms we got for his centipede at home. Yucks!
(Mommy discovered his centipede is no longer living!)
What should she do with all the worms!?!

Having a tantrum after the store becaure
he wanted so many things.  We talked about
him earning an allowance at home!

He forgot as soon as we got home!
Because we played slipped and slide!

(Sweet dreams.)

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