Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All Over the Place

Oliver was all over the place today!  (So was Mommy's brain.)  He had a fun Spring Break Day at home and on some adventures!  

We invited James our neighbor to play with us
during our outside time!

Mommy felt like taking pictures of Oliver Mischief:

He likes to take rest breaks in this nook.
He also likes to charm snakes!

He needed to count his super star tickets!

He pulled a carrot from the garden, that
Mommy would rather have stayed in the ground.

He and the toddlers like to look for
roly polies.  

Birdwalk:  Doesn't the front garden look pretty!?!

He made mud pies.

Which involved a lot of dirt on the deck.


Grrr.  Mommy needs to show Oliver where the
baby wipes are located.  

Oliver went to the Lake with Cooper and his Daddy
for about an hour during nap time:

Cooper loves Oliver!

Mommy and Cooper.
(Mommy loves that dog.)

Puppy play!

We visited the Farmer's Market in the evening:
Leading the way.
Still leading the way.

Checking out the reptile store!

Getting cookies from our favorite
Escondido Cookie Lady!

Checking out the birds!

We ordered some quesadillas for dinner!



Mommy's squash blossom!

Oliver bought some strawberries.

And ate them on a bench!

(Mommy wants to go somewhere.)


We had fun at home together and then at 8:00, Maggie
came over to babysit Oliver for the first time for an hour. 
 Her Mom came to help because its Maggie's first time
babysitting!  Oliver was excited about it all day!  He saw
Maggie out the window when Mommy snapped this photo!
We thought a practice babysitting run would be a good
idea during Spring Break for all of us!  
It was a success!

Mommy went and ran at her gym, Chuze, close to our home.
She is working really hard to earn the right to purchase
a "Marathon Mom" shirt at her first Marathon in June!

(Goodnight!  Mommy is going to try and rest her brain now.)  

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