Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Donut Wednesday

We had a nice time at the Donut Shop this morning!  We celebrated some friends birthdays this morning!  We giggled, sang Happy Birthday to them- even though they weren't there and then Oliver was off for school!

Happy Wednesday!

Turning the corner.


Oliver's Donut.

Mommy's coffee.
(Steaming hot!)

Getting our Birthday Donut Holes ready
for Amanda, Eileen, and Louis Sachar!
Eileen's birthday was yesterday, Amanda
and Louis' birthdays are today!

Happy Birthday Friends!!!

Oliver made wishes when he blew out their candles!

Eating his donut!

We brought the Louis book we are reading
right now!

We read a chapter while we ate our donuts!

Mommy wanted to take a picture
of Oliver's hair because it is so
long and funny looking right now, she
told him she was thinking about
writing a story about it!  This is the
face he gave her in response!

Oliver is off with his Daddy after school!  Mommy will see her silly boy on Friday for another fun together weekend!

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