Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Oliver had another good day off school for President's Day.  He was very helpful with the toddlers and was very sweet and quite during nap time.  Phew!  We went for our Tuesday night swim at the Y and had a nice time!

Crazy kid walked from the car to the lobby
dressed like that, it was cold and wet!

Waiting in a trance with Mark.

We brought in some chocolate peanut butter hearts that
we got for 90% off.  We wanted just a couple, so 
Oliver shared the rest with some people.

Like the girls at the counter...

And some of the lifeguards!  They work so hard!
We are glad they help protect the swimmers!

Waiting for Mommy.
(The song in the background is funny and true.)

Mark and Oliver.

Goofy picture.

Oliver set the one up for the camera.

Too fast Oliver again.

Cold and rainy tonight!

He wanted to share some with another fun lifeguard,
we had to walk over to the other pool.

This lifeguard doesn't mind when Oliver splashes
his feet when he passes him.  He also has been
encouraging Oliver to go a little ways away from the
wall.  Oliver isn't quite ready yet.
Confidence, confidence, confidence.  
We are working on it.  

Oliver liked this sign!

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