Monday, February 11, 2013


Oliver had a good day at school!  He was VIP!  He gets super wiped out on Mondays!  We spent a nice evening at home.  But first we had to stop by the reptile store to pick up some moss for a terrarium that Oliver is making for Mrs. Borecky for Valentine's Day!  

Oliver loves the reptile store on Grand!

We found loose crickets by the moss!

Oliver caught one!

Baby Cuties Tortoises. 



We spent the rest of the evening working on homework and Valentine cards...

He finished writing all of his cards!
It was a lot of work!  Mommy is
 proud of her little romance writer!

VIP Today!  He was making that face
on purpose!

He has been VIP six times!

(Goodnight and sweet dreams.  Mommy is wiped out too!)

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