Saturday, February 23, 2013


Oliver spent most of the day with his Daddy visiting his family in Los Angeles for his cousin's third birthday party!  Oliver had fun!

He came home and played with Mommy and two toddlers we were watching for the night.  Oliver took his scooter and scooted along the street that is near ours that has a safe sidewalk.  We had fun!  Oliver was a sleepyhead again tonight!  (Mommy wishes she could be too, but she is still waiting for one toddler to be picked up.)


Scooting Oliver

Waiting for a neighbor kid we met today!

Oliver was totally ok with sharing his scooter!
The kid was very sweet!  Its always nice meeting 
new neighbors!

Coming home. (We love our home so much.)
Mommy and Oliver always try to say, "Hello, Beautiful Home,"
when we come home from anywhere!  

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