Sunday, February 24, 2013


We had a busy slow kind of Sunday.  We started our morning at Grammie's house then headed for Stagecoach Park.  Oliver prefers to hike the little trail there:

He played back by the water for a bit.  We
talked about pollution and littering...

Mommy took pictures.

We played on the rock walls...

Well, Oliver did, Mommy rested.

And Oliver played hit the target with a stick.

Then after a bit we were off for a swim.

Oliver is too fast for Mommy.

Taking the floaties again.

Beautiful day!


We went to the library and ran into some people...

The Cunninghams!  Yippie!

Oliver and Danielle worked on the computers.
Oliver took this picture while Mommy was
getting him some books.

He took a shoe picture.

And a picture of Danielle's head on the right!

Oliver also turned in his Library Lover's Bingo 
 card and earned a free coupon for pizza.

Sharing his coupon with Eileen and James!
It was nice seeing them at the library!

We came home and rested, then went for 
our milk walk!  Oliver scooted!

Almost all the way there, Mommy is proud of him!

Noticing something at Trader Joe's...

A picture of Grape Day Park!  So cool!

We had a great rest of the evening together.  Oliver was asleep by 8, Mommy is going to sleep soon too!  (She is exhausted.  Goodnight!)

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  1. Glad you were able to capture James' annoyance! Ha! It was so fun seeing you guys! and Danielle and James got their free pizza coupons, too. We'll all have to go sometime:)