Friday, February 15, 2013

Surprise Pick-Up

Mommy picked up Oliver at the Y today for his Daddy, who had to go rescue 3 bobcats.  Mommy is sure she will hear all about the rescue operation from Oliver later!  

Picking Oliver up was a surprise and it was even a little earlier than normal because Mommy had all early pick-ups!  Yippie, Mommy loves when she gets to spend a little extra time with Oliver!

Talking, talking, talking!

Mommy spoiled Oliver for Valentine's Day at our
favorite Sweet Store.  

He rode the new airplane ride!

He takes it very seriously!  

Pilot Concentrating.  

This is what we came for!  Jawbreakers.
Oliver has never had one.  Mommy thought
it would be interesting to see if he even likes them.

Oliver knows these are a special treat.  Like a once 
every 5 years treat.

The kid at the counter had a little one in his mouth.
They talked about how long they will last, how
you aren't supposed to chew on them...Mommy hopes 
he follows the Jawbreaker Rules!

We also filled a box...

With Taffy!  Mommy knows there is no
nutritional value in taffy.  Oh well!!!

We came home and he checked out his Valentine

He got a gift card for Disneyland!  We are going
to save for another Disney Birthday trip!

We also read our cards from one of
our Daycare Toddlers!  
(This one is Mommy's card.)

Fancy Chocolate Heart!

Mommy is glad she got to spend her Friday night with her sweetheart!  Mommy gets to spend the day with Oliver on Saturday!  Mommy will be with him until the late afternoon while his Daddy does some kind of thing at the zoo.  Mommy loves surprise extra time with her little pilot!  

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