Monday, February 4, 2013

Sick Day

Oliver was feeling a bit run down yesterday.  He was up for about an hour at two in the morning, he told Mommy it was morning and time to get up!  So, Mommy thought it was best if he stayed home and slept in, just in case he got even more sick or run down at school.  Oliver slept until 8:00!  He was feeling pretty good, but Mommy thinks his day at home will help him a bit!

He took a break during daycare nap time to work
on his Raz Rocket and some Math games!

He did silly things like this all day.
Thats his horse hanging from the door knob.

He played outside for a bit while 
toddlers were being picked up.

He chopped some of our black roses.  
Mommy isn't sure why these seem so much
fun for little boys to destroy, but Oliver isn't
the only one who likes to chop them.

Cute beans, but so serious!  

After everyone left we went for a nice walk
together to decompress.  It helped both of us.

Oliver wanted to see the home that burned.

So sad.  But we have had many great 
conversations about fire prevention.  

Taking a break from the stroller!
We had a nice day together!

(Goodnight, sweet dreams!)

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