Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snappy Sunday

 Today Mommy felt like snapping a ton of pictures!  We had a fun day!

San Dieguito County Park:

After Oliver hung out with Grammie and
Grandpa in the morning for a bit, he came
to help Mommy pick up her award
from her race!

Mommy looking at the results...

Oliver helping the people retrieve my award.
We were late for the ceremony!  But glad
we got Mommy's sweatshirt, she worked
hard for it!!!

We ran down the trail...

To see the ducks!

(These two were different than all the others. Why?)

Little swinger, learning to pump his legs!

 The Y:
He is getting very good at holding doors
open for Mommy and other Y members!

Hurry Mom!

Oliver found a playmate when we were walking into
the locker rooms!

He made it even more fun!

Brr....a little cold.  But we love to swim!  It is
totally worth being cold for a few minutes when
you are out of the pool.

Mommy had to get some things for our daycare.
The palm trees look fake!

Ikea has so many learning opportunities!
Oliver learned the difference between exit and


Leading the way...

To the Swedish Cafeteria! 

Yum, but NO!

Swedish Meatballs.

Oliver's choices.  Mommy tried to talk him into 
some veggies.  He had a couple of Mommy's 
fries, potatoes right?  

After our early dinner we went and sat on the 
couch to talk a bit.   

Oliver got a $5 bill to spend at Ikea.

We talked about how to identify the prices on the signs
and what he could do if it wasn't quite $5.  He could
use the rest on other items if he wanted!

He really caught on to the numbers, prices, and signs
by the end of Ikea.  

Mommy liked this room!

We had fun playing in the mirrors!

Someone liked this room.

We finally entered into the kid zone.

Mommy likes this type of strorage!


We wrote down what we needed, and Mommy
tried to be only snappy with her camera.  Not 
with all the people at Ikea roaming around.
Why does Ikea do that to people by the end?



Cute Owls!

Oliver chose an umbrella.  He learned from 
Grammie this morning that it is National
Umbrella Day!  Cool beans!

He also chose a rat that was 89 cents and a bag of 
rocks for 90 cents!  He made excellent choices with 
his money!

Mommy with her easels.  She is going to try to 
teach our daycare toddlers different routines
and skills with their own easel!

Oliver is so easy to please.

Practicing his umbrella!

We had a nice, at home Oliver worked on a couple of valentines!
She is so proud of her little writer!

(Goodnight and sweet dreams!)

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