Saturday, February 9, 2013

Busy Saturday!

Oliver got to watch some cartoons and hang out with Grammie and Grandpa for a bit in the morning, then we were off for a busy day!

Garage Sale:

Oliver asked if we could go to a garage sale he saw a
sign for...

He was a little nervous as we walked up...

He found a strap that the people gave him for free.
They thought it was funny that he wanted a loose strap!
Mommy wasn't surprised!

Silly kid!  Mommy found some old treasures too!
Becky and Irene, two old friends!  Their 
picture didn't show up on her camera though!
They looked so pretty too!


We hit the jackpot at the library!  It was
Open Studios!  Mommy needs to get the schedule 
for this year, we love going to these.  Glad we
stumbled on it this morning!  (We kept stumbling
on things that made Mommy laugh today!)

We went into the Art Museum to look at
the inspiration piece.

Our blank canvas.

Oliver chose really nice colors and made designs on
top of his line.  It was really neat to see the colors he chose.


We used baby oil to blend in the oil pastels a little more.

They put a black background on the art.



Oliver's Beautiful Artwork!

Hanging in the tree.

Reading.  Raz Rocket for Oliver, Wonder for Mommy.

Grocery Shopping:

We did our big monthly shopping trip at the Walmart 
in Encinitas.  This trip wipes Mommy out!

We stumbled into the Statue of Liberty at the
entrance and she gave us a rose!!!

Oliver stumbled into free samples of

Only Oliver would find this!  

Daycare Date Night:

Oliver played with two toddlers and Mari.  Mommy
also watched a 4 week old baby girl.  Mommy isn't sure
which wiped her out more, Walmart or the baby!
She sure is glad that Mari came over tonight!  

Happy Saturday!  

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