Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Birthday

Mommy picked up Oliver early today and we headed over to Grammie and Grandpa's house for a Super Bowl Birthday Party!  Mommy's birthday is on the 6th!  We had a really nice time with family!

Aunt Jess and Mommy were getting a kick out of Oliver's
outfit that he came back to Mommy in, 3T shorts and a
4T sized shirt.  Oliver wears 5 and 6 now!

Mommy anticipated this and brought some
extra clothes with her!  Oliver was making
us laugh even more, pulling his shorts way up!

He is just so lovable!

MaryJane is visiting from Ohio.  She is Grandpa's
first cousin!  Claire loves her!

All the kids adored her!

Claire loves John too!  MaryJane's husband!

Grandpa love!

Smiling for Aunt Mere!

Lucky girl!


Claire Baby was dressed up nice an cute for Mommy's
birthday.  (It made Mommy smile!)  Claire is quite a
little talker for a seven month old baby!  Mommy
is excited for future conversations with her favorite
dark haired niece!  

Grammie went the whole nine yards with the meal...


And yummy sandwiches!!!


Grammie made yummy brownies and 
Mommy brought some fresh donuts that
she wanted to try bites of and share from the donut shop!

A close up!

Mommy showed Rachel the desert,
Rachel didn't want to get back down.
Its fun having a toddler super glue themselves to your leg!


Lucky Rachel!

Mommy and her favorite girls!

Waylon playing in the Super Bowl!

He took some time out to cook!

And visit with his favorite fan!

Uncle Chad took about 10 pictures of all of us.
This is the best one!

 Rachel likes to lock the door.
Oliver had fun with a box today.

Uncle Matthew and Claire Baby.

Oliver added a tail to his box.


We even got Aunt Ali to join us!  

Mommy's other favorite girls!



Entertaining his cousin!

Half-time show!!!
Beyonce has some fun songs!

Like this one. 
 (Its just a silly dance song!  Seriously.)

Gifts for Mommy!  Thanks everyone!

Mommy's new camera!  
She uses her cameras a lot!

Mommy's favorite gift!  She found it in Oliver's
school bag when we got home!

A note for Mommy.

It says:
Dear Mom,
I like you.  Happy Birthday.
I love you.
From Oliver

Mommy read it and then Oliver gave Mommy the biggest sweetest hug ever!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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