Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day

Mommy and Oliver celebrated President's Day with lots of errands and a little bit of fun!  We started our morning at Grammie's.  Oliver watched Nick Jr. and Mommy took her Y break!  Then we were off together!  Mommy felt like taking lots of pictures today.


Oliver was acting like Mommy here.
She doesn't walk like that at the pool though.

Smirk Face!

Another Counter Girl who puts swim bracelets on!
Her name is Rebecca.  She is really nice and has
a nice british accent.  She says, "Oliver" beautifully!  

Fountain play.

We got to watch swim lessons for about 5 minutes!

Crowded in the pool today!

He has been escaping too fast!

Beautiful day!

Oil Change:

Mommy tries to do all these kind of errands
when Oliver isn't with her, but sometimes 
it doesn't work out.  So we went to Jiffy Lube!


Good coupon.  


Mommy is a trusting person.  But sometimes she 
just wants to double check.  Jiffy Lube said they checked
the air in our tires.  But we came to Discount Tires
and the air was 7 whatever below the whatever is
recommended.  Grrr.  The front tires are wearing funny again.
(We need to talk about that soon.)


Oliver helped Mommy at the dentist.

He was going to wait in the waiting room...

But Heather is really, really nice and she wanted him
to be in the room!  We had to set some ground rules 
though.  And Oliver enjoyed going through Mommy's
purse and taking pictures with her camera.

He also enjoyed taking one of Mommy's shoes and
socks off.

And taking pictures of himself.

And of magazine pages...


Pretty Heather.  Ugly Mommy.  
But at least Mommy knows what it looks 
like when you are at the dentist now.  Hopefully,
she set a good example for Oliver.  No cavities!

Mommy likes to be in control of the camera too!


After the dentist our camera's battery was exhausted.
We did a few more errands that eventually made
us both exhausted.  In a good way, Oliver fell fast
asleep, early!


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