Sunday, February 17, 2013


Mommy picked up Oliver early today and we came home to transition and then we were off for a swim.  The water helped Oliver a lot today.  Mommy is so thankful for our Y membership!  We had fun together!

He is very polite with the door holding.

Pretty flowers!  Mommy loves purple flowers.
(She just thought she should remind everyone!)

The pool was crazy crowded!

Waiting for Mommy!  We stayed in
until the pool closed at 5:55!  It
was fun being two of the last people
in the pool!

He was acting silly and didn't take off his

Gray afternoon.

Oliver played for a bit!

Then Mommy showed him the soccer fields where
Mommy and Eileen have been going to boot camp
classes!  Mommy would like to play soccer again!
But only if there is a Nice Girl League.  The Y 
may be just the place to find the right soccer team!

We went through the West lobby to get
to the East lobby!  Oliver likes exploring the Y!

Happy Sunday!  

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