Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Oliver had a wonderful productive day at school!  We were both ready for some nice relaxing time in the pool together!  Oliver brought his shark along too!

Waiting for Kim!

She loved his Great White Shark!  We gave her 
clues to what his name is, it rhymes with shark
and starts with the letter "M."  Can you guess?

Kim got it right and Oliver was floored!  

We waited for our cousin John in the lobby,
he was going to try out the Y!  First time
at the Y with a member is free!  So, Mommy
got him in!  Mommy didn't take a picture
(he has kind of a mysterious presence in Mommy's blog)
since yesterday you could only see the back of his head!

Anyways, Oliver was reading words on all the signs!

We got to hear the music from the swim class!


Nice swim tonight!

Its kind of nice when they have the roof closed at night.

Oliver was excited to see Grammie and MaryJane.  
He tried out his clues about his sharks name with them.
They got the answer too!  Can you guess the shark's name?!?

(Goodnight and sweet dreams.)

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