Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents and Safari Park

Oliver and Mommy had a great together day!  In the morning we relaxed a little bit and read some biographies.  Mommy got some really cool books at the bookstore, she wanted to teach Oliver a little bit about George Washington.  We read a few pages of our new book and then a few from our Harry Houdini biography.  We plan on reading these at night time, it is fun learning about people!

Oliver got to visit with Grammie and sweet Rachel for a little bit today.  Mommy always likes to see Rachel and make her smile—she makes Mommy smile a lot too.

Afterwards, we made our way to the Safari Park.   Mommy thought we should use our season passes and take advantage of our free parking coupon that expires this month.  We had a good time riding the carousel, walking through the “Heart of Africa,” playing on the playground, and seeing the Gorillas.  Oliver got pretty tired walking and trekking up the hills at the park, he whined like a baby about it, so Mommy had to carry him a bit- carrying a 3 year old is not much fun!  (Don’t worry, Mommy will definitely get him back some day!)  The Safari Park was awesome.

Happy President's Day!

Our George Washington Book- Oliver learned that George was our
1st President- he also learned what Presidents do for our country.
Oliver liked that George lived in a town called Mt. Vernon.
Oliver was born in Mt. Vernon, Washington.

Our stuffed President sat with us while we read.
We won it from a claw machine in Washington.
We think it might be Ulysses S. Grant.  
Mommy has been curious about Harry Houdini (for a while now) and if 
he was involved in other things besides Magic.  So we
read a bit (Mommy wanted to know if her suspicions about Harry
were true...?)  And we found he was actually into many, many things...
His table of contents...he kind of had multiple personalities.

Mommy chose this book too!  Mommy wants to
learn more about the man behind the Muppets.  Oliver
is just learning about puppets...

 This is Oliver giving Mommy a puppet show yesterday
at the Children's Museum.  Mommy did one for him
first and he couldn't stop cracking up--he is so cute!

He fell asleep on our way to the Safari Park...
Mommy let him sleep for a while.
Excited to be on the carousel.  
Putting his "jaguar eyes" on to see better.

Driving a boat.
Cheetahs.  Oliver thought it was a Cheetah with two heads.
Checking out a Land Rover that was stuck.
The Safari Park has tons of cool new things.
Oliver was very interested in the Rhino's head.
Oliver at the playground.
Oliver liked standing on Mommy's shadow
head on the way back to the car.

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