Friday, February 18, 2011

Play Dough Friday

We had another busy, busy Friday with our daycare friends.  We had a lot of fun in the morning playing with play dough and a collection of cookie cutters.  Oliver is getting pretty good at using the cookie cutters, Mommy is impressed!

We were busy playing, playing, playing today!  A little bit of outdoor fun before the rain started, we stayed in the rain for a little bit too!  It felt nice and smelled so good!  Lots of running around in circles---Oliver banged into the couch and had a bloody lip and mouth.  Mommy cuddled and held him for a while (she likes to do that).  His mouth was better after a bit and he continued to run and explore around our home!

Cuteness at our little activity table

 Rolling out his play dough
 Play dough and cookie cutters are everywhere...
(Mommy is a bit exhausted today.)  Lots of clean up!
Oliver working on the sink, explaining what
he is doing...Mommy listening patiently.  

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