Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chocolate and Cards

This evening we prepared Valentine's Cards for Oliver's preschool celebration tomorrow.  Mommy wants him to experience a fun celebration at school, so he is going to attend for a little bit tomorrow!  Lucky boy!  We had a blast writing all the names of his friends on the Toy Story cards and he loved putting chocolate in little heart bags for all of his teachers.

Valentine's Day is so much fun!
Eating a chocolate peanut butter heart before he 
got started on our writing fun!

 Our sweet collection.  He chose the three hearts for the two 
main teachers and the preschool director.  He is so sweet!
(Mommy likes the bird heart the best.)
 His Valentines came in this Toy Story mailbox.
We can't wait to put the cards he receives from friends
inside the box.  Oh, Mommy just loves Valentine's Day so much!
 Preparing a chocolate bag for one of the helper teachers.
 Oliver added some of his own words on a few of
the cards.  (The words seem pretty funny, not too serious...)  
 Cute card.
It's almost Valentine's Day!

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