Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Donut Wednesday

Donut Wednesday was awesome.  Oliver loves our little Wednesday routine and it is helpful in getting him out the door and to school!  He had a wonderful day at preschool and told Mommy all about the books he read with the teachers.  He came home with purple marker all over his face which he washed off nicely in the bath tonight!  He is peacefully sleeping and snoring now.  

Yum, donuts.
 These ones look like zebras.
 Oliver's donut.
 Eating Mommy's donut hole.
 Wheatgrass Wednesday, Mommy loves drinking 2 ounces, yum.
(It's nice knowing that there is something that can protect you...)
Mommy has been able to stay pretty healthy, even when
all the kids are sick--hooray for wheatgrass!
Mari came over this evening to thank Mommy for selling 30 boxes
of Girl Scout cookies for her.   Mari gave us a nice card and this
little coupon was inside--it even has a bar code on it!  
Cookies anyone?  She is selling them through the end of March.

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