Monday, February 28, 2011


We had a nice Monday.  We did a lot of things around our home and ventured out for a little bit.  Oliver did a bunch of silly things today and Mommy took pictures of a lot of them!  Oliver is peacefully sleeping, he slumbered on the couch next to Grammie tonight too!  He was pretty tired and fell fast asleep on our drive.  He has been so busy lately!  Sweet dreams.

 Getting ready to give Mommy a good morning kiss.
 He loves to look at himself in the mirror when he has
a shirt on his head.  Silly.
 What is Oliver doing?
 Working on Mommy's car...Mommy
kept bumping him when she would dip down.  
 Wearing The Cat in the Hat's Hat.  Getting ready
for Dr. Seuss's Birthday on Wednesday!
 Working on his "house" while we were 
working on our garden.
 He brought his Elmo foot to Henry's.  He
entertained many people...
 Going down the slide at the park.
 Taking a nice bath.  He sold Mommy a duck, for $20.
 Grammie gave Mommy an old duffle bag with some old
school papers.  This was her journal from 3rd grade.  Mommy
thinks the comment is funny.  Mommy always liked to 
write, but never had very neat handwriting.  Oh well.
 This was a page about her siblings.  Ha ha.
Mommy isn't much of an artist either.
This was in Mommy's bag, it is actually Aunt Ali's.
(Kind of funny.)

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