Saturday, February 19, 2011

Flowers and Coffee

Oliver and Mommy had a nice Saturday.  We hung around our home in the morning with one of our daycare kiddos, who spent the night.  We had a lot of fun just relaxing and playing with play dough.  Then Oliver and Mommy went to the Y-- he went to Childwatch and had a blast!  He hasn't been in a long time!  

Afterwards we stopped by our favorite coffee shop, Oliver loves all the baristas there!  Then we made our way back home and went to Korey's 1st Birthday party--see the cool pictures in the blog below!  We came home and Oliver took an awesome bath and is now sleeping peacefully.  

 He wanted the energy drink- Mommy redirected him 
to something different.
 Giving a flower to his first love, Krista.  He is so so 
serious.  Mommy is training him to be a sweet
gentleman, she thinks it may be working!
 Going to Korey's party today reminded Mommy of her
recent birthday.  One of Mommy's favorite gifts was from
Amanda.  She gave Mommy this necklace--It has karma,
the tree of life and Mommy thinks a lotus flower on it.  Amanda
has one too, its is like a BFF necklace. (Mommy likes her
 necklace and the karma part.)  It is perfect for Amanda and Mommy!

Cleaning himself with soap- Mommy loves that he is
finally getting in the water without a wrestling match.

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