Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Donut Wednesday

Another Donut Wednesday!  Uncle Matthew came along with us to check out the cool donut shop.  Oliver loved having him come along!  Oliver had a great day at preschool.  It was rainy day schedule, so he was excited to come home and run around our home for a little bit!  He took an awesome bath and then we went to Grammie's for a bit.  We had an awesome day!

Pretty Donut Holes

Choosing their donuts

 Playing in the rain.
 Oliver's Donut
 Oliver is so silly
Our new heart candies
 (Mommy has a soft spot for Willy Wonka candies...
she bought some on sale)
Oliver with some heart candies.
(Mommy is not sure when she will eat hers, they
just don't seem to be calling her name yet.)

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