Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a nice Valentine's Day.  Oliver loved eating some of the leftover chocolate for breakfast.  Grammie stopped by and gave us Valentine's cards--and she took Oliver to school for the celebration.  Oliver was feeling a little anxious, so he didn't go in--at least we tried!

In the evening we stopped by two of our neighbor's homes to give them little Valentines that Oliver made for them.  Then we were off for Grammie's house for some rest and for Mommy's Y time!  Mommy's little Valentine gave her lots of kisses and hugs today!

Oliver's card from Grammie

Painting little hearts  
Our hearts on the fridge.  (Love all the colors.)
Oliver's Valentine gift to Mommy--sitting in the bathtub, playing,
and not screaming.  (It is priceless.)
 Mari wasn't home when we dropped off her Valentine.
She came over a little later and brought Oliver a Valentine...
 and a cupcake.  (So sweet and creative, also priceless.)

Oliver so excited about the red velvet cupcake.  He ate it at
 Grammies house and went to sleep shortly after.  Oliver changed
his shirt a lot today---Mommy was just noticing in all the pictures.
He is a funny monkey.
Mommy got these beautiful tulips from one
of our daycare families.  Mommy loves tulips,
they remind her of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.
Beautiful.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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