Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Treats...

Oliver had a great day at preschool.  He enjoyed seeing his friends, playing, and learning!   When he came home he took a great bath!  He told Mommy, "I'm ready for my bath."  Yippee!  (Mommy has been anticipating this moment for a while now, it's a good thing she is pretty patient.)  Oliver had a good bath with his boat and bubbles.  Then he dug into his Valentine treat bag from school.  He is finally sleeping peacefully after an exciting day!

Opening the doors to preschool
 Skipping down the hall
 Oliver's Valentine treat bag from school
 Opening his treat bag after his bath
 Doggy heart cookie
He got bottle caps!  (Mommy wants them.)

Listening to Natalie Merchant and eating 
his doggy cookie (he is good at jumping...).

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