Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hair Salon and Wishes

We had a busy Saturday!  Oliver played with Grammie and sweet Rachel for a little bit in the morning, while Mommy had some time to herself.  Oliver had fun!  Then we were off to see Jordan, Mommy's hair girl.  Oliver loves Jordan and the little cookies that he gets to nibble on while he waits patiently.

In the afternoon we came home to rest and work on the garden beds.  We are having fun pulling all the crazy weeds that grew in the beds since we've moved in our new home.  We discover a lot of neat things!  Oliver is sleeping peacefully now.

Happy with his little cookies.

 Cookies all gone.
 The other hair girl holding out a piece of chocolate for Oliver.
 Oliver eyeing the chocolate, but too shy to take it.
 Mommy got it for him.  So cute.  (Love hearts.)
 Oliver talking to a really nice man waiting for his wife.  Cute.
 Blurry Ladybugs in our garden.
 Helping Mommy, he wants to fix a little hole over there
and build a little fence with extra bricks we have.  
Mommy taught Oliver how to make wishes with this flower.
He had fun making wishes (so did Mommy).  Oliver
told Mommy his wish was that he hopes to get a marble
drink from World Market.  Silly kid.

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