Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another Adventure

 This morning on the way to preschool we stopped at a new bakery.  It is a little Mexican bakery near the donut shop that always looks warm and inviting.  So we went inside!  Oliver loved looking at all the goodies- he picked out a galleta, which is basically a cookie.  Oliver liked choosing his goodie and he was very interested in the process.  We had a tray and tongs we used to grab what he wanted.  It was a fun experience!  (Mommy is always ready and "waiting" for adventures and learning experiences.)  There is another Mexican bakery on Broadway that has caught Mommy's eye.  It is always super busy, and causes little traffic jams on the busy road.  We may just need to check that one out too!  

This Bakery caught Mommy's eye a while ago--Here
is a link that has some interesting information on Mexican pastries.

 Looking at all the goodies
 Holding the tray that will soon hold his yummy
 They look so pretty
His colorful choice...he ate just a few bites, he actually
had a healthy little breakfast at home.  His sleepy hair
is so cute.

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