Sunday, May 22, 2016


We had a day full of little errands and little chores around our home.  We are both tired from the concert last night!

We stopped by to give Rachel Mommy's pink Girls
on the Run medal.  Waylon asked when he would
start getting Mommy's medals.  He thought maybe
because he was 4 he didn't qualify.  Mommy told
him to pick a color of medal he would want.  So,
any blue medal she gets he will get.  He is so sweet.

Love this girl with the Rapunzel hair extension!

Love this little guy who has been really
sick for a few days.  He seriously gives
the sweetest hugs ever.  

We spent time taking care of little things outside.

Mattias came over to play for a bit.

Grady came over to play too!

Teaching him a hunting game.  Grady's baseball
team won the championship, which is why he is wearing
his medal.  Oliver is VERY interested in playing.  He
keeps asking about the sport and said he wants to play.
A lot of scouts play and boys at school.  Mommy
will look into signing him up for the Fall season!  


We love car washes!

(Goodnight and sweet dreams.)

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