Saturday, May 28, 2016

Flag Placement

We spent the morning at Oak Hill Cemetery in Escondido.  Oliver, along with other scouts from Boy Scout Troops and another local Cub Scout Pack put flags on the graves of people who served in the military, fire, and police.  It is a very humbling experience.

There are so many stories in a cemetery.  

We brought the donuts for the pack.  The mom 
who is usually in charge could not make it.  They
hit the spot for all their hard work.

Sprinkles were popular....

(Mommy's headlight is not sweetness.  It has 
about an inch of water in it.) 

Oliver and Isaac from Den 7.

We placed our flags at home like we always 
try to do on patriotic holidays.

Oliver even flew one out the window when we drove 
to Home Depot.

It feels good to do a type of service on Memorial Day that means something.  

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