Friday, May 20, 2016

Art Show

We had fun at the Bernardo Art Show tonight  and now Mommy is too tired to write.  She'll wite tomorrow.  (Goodnight.)

Update:  We had a lot of fun at the art show.  There was a low turnout which is a little strange for a Bernardo event.  Oliver had fun playing with friends, painting a tile, and performing!

Mommy put it the wrong way last night.
(She wishes she could hire a blog 
posting prepare.  She would pay them with
smiles and hugs.)

Grammie has a print of this painting!

Mommy went to the auction.  There were not
a lot of people there.  Bummer for PTA donations.
But not for Mommy, she won the Van Gogh inspired
chair for $60.  They usually go for $200.  

Mommy helped this one sell for $200.  It was a
war between two moms she knows.  One of the moms
told Mommy she would always cover her if she bid more
to outwin the other mom.  The principal seemed
appreciative....giggles!  That was fun!

Oliver painted a tile!  We'll post a picture when we see 
it up in the hallways!


Joy!  It is so refreshing seeing Oliver
like this with friends.  So very, very refreshing.


Mommy loves this kid.

Yay!  Gio!  Oliver was jealous Mommy
got to see her at her race on Sunday and he didn't!


Mommy's chair!

A Bernardo graduate singing a song she wrote for
Bernardo!  It is an old student of Ms. Clark,
the principal on stage.

Our chair!

Excited to learn we won a chair!

Grady laughing because Mommy made him go 
fast and fall from her tickling on the thing below...



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