Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

Oliver came home today at 2:00 and we kind of celebrated Mother's Day together.  We just did normal stuff.  (Mother's Day is kind of tough when you are a single mom.)  Oh well.  Oliver was real sweet and we rode our bikes to Souplantation near Target.  It was an adventure.

Gears or tired?  Both our legs were burning.

Locking up our bikes.

Our Mother's Day Together Picture.

He loves chicken noodle soup.  Mommy loves him.

Checking out the big wall under the overpass.

At home he wanted to dig a new pond.  Mommy
directed him to a different area.  He keeps digging
holes in the same area.

Mommy took lots of pictures of our garden.
Look how many sunflowers are growing off one 
big stem!

Oliver gave Mommy that cat magnet.  Meow.

Flower too.

A token and wild cucumber seeds too!

He made a pond in a garden bed instead.  That 
is ok.  The soil needs to be replenished in all
of them.

He put a goldfish in his pond.

Lots of poppies in our garden right now!

Cabbage heads.  Something likes to eat the leaves.

Oliver's gift to Mommy in her journal.  He made use
of an old project.  Lazy or resourceful?
(That is Edith in the background.)

Oliver is off with his Daddy after school tomorrow, so Mommy can get her final exams done and go to her early staff meeting.  She will see Oliver after school on Tuesday.  

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